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For more than 3 years, Limbs 4 Life has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for amputees in developing countries.  We need your support to continue our efforts.  Your donation of funds or used prosthetic limbs can make a difference.

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Our Mission

Limbs 4 Life is an offshoot of Midwest Medical Mission.  Since 1985, the Midwest Medical Mission has traveled to the Dominican Republic to provide medical care to the poor.  

It is Limbs4Life's mission to provide prosthetic limbs and to restore ambulatory function to amputees in developing countries.

Be a part by donating your time.  Whether helping behind the scenes, or providing healthcare in the Dominican community, Limbs 4 Life and Midwest Medical Mission are in need of devoted professionals willing to volunteer!

Domingo Nunez could no longer work after he lost part of his left arm.  Last October, Limbs4Life measured Domingo,  and created a mold. Back in the US, Todd and his staff created a prosthetic. The following February, Domingo's life changed with a new arm.  He can once again work to support his family.


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Meet Our LIMBS 4 Life Team

Mission organizer and staff manager

  • 45 limbs provided in the first two years
  • Materials cost per limb averages $3,000.
  • Baggage costs to transport limbs and materials average $700/trip

Limbs 4 Life by the numbers


Nurse Anesthetist of 40 years, 15 years with Midwest Medical Mission.

Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist. 

  • Donated hours spent to create a limb averages 6 hours per limb.